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Washington, DC Day 1- Diners, Planes & A Night on the Town

Thank You Thank you to everyone who left kind notes and encouragements about my big announcement last week.  Even though I know leaving WLOS for now is the right thing to do, it’s still been hard to actually go through the motions.  Your continued encouragement means the world to me.   I feel so incredibly blessed [...]

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Pittsburgh and Back- Happy Birthday Ty!

This past weekend we took a whirlwind trip back to Pittsburgh to see my husband's family and wish a special little one a happy birthday!Yup, this little man is now 4 years old!He was SO excited.  Time flies.  It feels like he was just born.                     Best birthday cake EVER.We have been lucky enough to spend [...]

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Chicago Marathon 2012 Race Recap

It’s just a couple of days after the Chicago Marathon and it almost doesn’t seem real.  I’ve probably said a dozen times already… I can’t believe it’s over!  My stiff legs, unpacked luggage, and super cool medal are good reminders of the amazing adventure though.   It’s a day I will never forget! It all starts [...]

Chicago Marathon – I did it!

Today I ran the Chicago Marathon and became a "Marathoner."  The day has been one giant blur of crazy emotions from fear, elation, pure joy and just a little disappointment.  I laughed and cried and did something I once thought was impossible.  It was worth every step... even the super painful ones near the end. [...]

Chicago Marathon– It’s On! {Expo & Touring Chicago}

Hello from windy & cold Chicago! We've had a fun couple of days getting ready for the big event tomorrow. We arrived Friday morning before sunrise.  The early direct flight from the Asheville airport is awesome and makes this such a quick trip.  I highly recommend it.              Well, hello tall buildings! After we landed in Chicago, [...]