Chicago Marathon 2012 Race Recap

Chicago Marathon 2012 Race Recap

It’s just a couple of days after the Chicago Marathon and it almost doesn’t seem real.  I’ve probably said a dozen times already… I can’t believe it’s over!  My stiff legs, unpacked luggage, and super cool medal are good reminders of the amazing adventure though.   It’s a day I will never forget!

It all starts early Sunday morning.   I have trouble sleeping anyway, so add something exciting, like running in a race with 37,000 other people, and it’s almost impossible to sleep.

I finally give up about 30 minutes before the alarm clock goes off and pull out the map of the course again.   Looking at that map is still intimidating.  I’d trained for this race for over 4 months, but I still don’t feel ready.  The course is soooo long!

The alarm clock finally goes off at 6 AM, and it is time to put those fears aside and get pumped.  I eat my traditional pre-long-run meal of a bagel with peanut butter and a banana and I put on my race outfit.  I am finally wearing a Chicago Marathon race bib!


My husband and I go downstairs to meet up with the rest of my “cheer squad.”  Since I am running to raise money for Girls on the Run, we have pink shirts for my spectators to wear.  The guys aren’t thrilled about the color, but they know this will make them easier to spot in the sea of 1.7 million spectators.

Chicago Marathon 2012-3

Andrey is behind the camera! Hi Andrey!

Now, for days everyone had been talking about the “perfect” race weather for this year’s marathon.  For the past several years many of the big city marathons have been really hot, which is a runners worst nightmare.  It’s nearly impossible to run fast in extreme heat and anything over 60 degrees takes more energy to run the same pace.

Chicago Marathon 2012-7

 It was sooo cold!

But this girl, originally from Florida, is COLD, very cold.  It is in the upper 30’s with a wind chill in the lower 30’s at the start of the race.  I hadn’t run in anything less than 58 degrees all summer.  And in the winter, I normally run on my treadmill in anything less than 50 degrees.   Yes, I’m a cold weather wimp.  But I didn’t train for a marathon to just be a baby about the the weather, so I put on some old pants and a sweatshirt over my running outfit that I would take off along the course once I warmed up.  I head out among the mass of runners.  My “cheer squad” has to leave me in front of the entrance to the race corrals, and before I know it I am on my own.  It is up to me to make this happen.

Chicago Marathon 2012-8

I’m thinking… What have I gotten myself into…

Just before 8 AM I work my way into the pack.  Almost everyone has the same idea, wear “throw away” sweatshirts and pants.  Some people even constructed funny warm-up outfits out of garbage bags.  Everyone looks a little ridiculous, but no one cares.  I hear the start gun and people start moving ahead.  As we get closer to the start line the extra clothes come off.  The sides of the streets are lined with old sweatshirts, gloves and pants.  I hear that volunteers are collecting all the items after the race to give to the homeless.

Chicago Marathon 2012-9

Oh yeah, I look so serious….

It takes nearly 15 minutes to get to the start line after the official start of the race.  Talk about nerve racking!  I try to stretch and keep moving a little without bumping into everyone.  I thought people would be talkative  and friendly before the race, but everyone I’m around is in the zone.  They all seem focused and maybe even a little nervous about what is ahead.  As I approach the start line I take off my throw away pants, but I decide to keep my sweatshirt and gloves because I am still cold.

Chicago Marathon 2012-10

Before I know it, I cross the start line and start to run.  The course immediately goes up a bridge and under a tunnel.  I focus on trying not to run too fast to start off.  I know if I want to finish the race, I can’t run fast.  Slow and steady is my only option.

Chicago Marathon 2012-19

The first couple miles go right through downtown. The sights and buildings are amazing.  The crowds line up four and five deep on each side.  They seem to be cheering just as loudly for me as they did for the world class runners that had just passed over the same course.  What a great feeling!

At mile 2 I spot my “cheer squad.”  I am so excited to see them, because none of us were sure how hard it would be for them to actually find me on the course.

Chicago Marathon 2012-16

This is the first of SEVEN times I get to see them along the way.

Chicago Marathon 2012-12

As I settle into an even pace, I am feeling great.  I start to notice some of the funny signs spectators are holding along the course;  “26.2 because 26.3 would be crazy,” “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon,” “There is going to be a day you can’t do this, today is not that day” and “Worst Parade, Ever!”  And of course my personal favorite…

Chicago Marathon 2012-18

These signs keep me entertained for awhile… and make me feel tougher than Chuck Norris. Now that’s inspiration.

Chicago Marathon 2012-20

As tall downtown buildings turn into more residential areas, the crowds thin out some.  I notice spectators handing out bottles of water, so I take one thinking it might be easier to hold onto that for a couple miles than navigating through the crazy aid stations.   The aid stations consist of two blocks of people handing out Gatorade and water.  But even with the hundreds of volunteers, I am still having trouble navigating the stops.  People slow down and even completely stop once they get to the water and unintentionally everyone is bumping into everyone else.   There is also a layer of Gatorade on the ground around the stops that is so sticky that as you run over it, it feels like you have gum stuck to the bottom of your shoes.   Ewwww…. So I am grateful for the bottles of water.  I stick to the middle of the course and just keep running.

Chicago Marathon 2012-24

Around mile 6, I finally warm up enough to take off my sweatshirt.  I am wearing some running sleeves to keep my arms warm with my tank top.  They keep me warm for awhile, but later in the race I get cold again and I wish I had decided to wear a long sleeve running top.

Chicago Marathon 2012-15

 Hey guys!  See my cool running sleeves!

The good part about taking my sweatshirt off though is now people can see my name on my shirt..  Strangers start cheering for me by name!   I even hear one person yell– “RUN Julie in a skirt!”  That still makes me laugh.

Chicago Marathon 2012-34

Around mile 9 I hear “Julie…. Julie from Asheville….”  At first I think it’s just another person reading my shirt, but I turn my head and see Megan, who I had met via e-mail through the blog a couple weeks back.  She was planning to run the race, but got injured in her last training run, so she had to spectate.  I am shocked she had found me!  I wave and keep moving forward.

Through mile 12 we run in and out of some beautiful neighborhoods.  There are church cheer stations, full bands, men putting on YMCA skits in skirts  and even drum lines.  All the entertainment along the course is from residents who had come out and set up along the street, nothing official from the marathon.  It is truly a community event.  This race really showcases the best of Chicago.

Chicago Marathon 2012-38

As we approach the half way mark, I see my “squad” again and I am thrilled!  I am still feeling great and I am making perfect time.  I run across the half way point at 2:29—right on schedule for the 5 hour finishing time I want to hit.  I am literally on cloud nine in a complete runners high.

Chicago Marathon 2012-40

At this point we are back in the main downtown area, surrounded by tall buildings and the amazing city environment.  But as I start heading back out of town, I realize this race is far from over.   I didn’t know it at the time, but this race was about to get hard.  Very hard.

Around mile 14 things start to change for me.  I literally see stars and get lightheaded somewhere between 14 and 16 miles.  This really throws me for loop because I’m not expecting to hit the “wall” until later in the race around mile 20.  Mentally I feel frustrated that I am showing signs of weakness so early in the race.

Chicago Marathon 2012-33

  Hey guys!  This is hard, but I’m still good!

So, I put both of my ear buds in my ears (before I had only been wearing one bud so I could take it all in) and decide to concentrate on moving forward at a steady pace.   Around the same time my GPS watch starts beeping and puts up a box on the screen that covers both my stop watch and my pace calculator.  It’s telling me that my lap data is full and I need to hit enter.  I keep hitting enter on my watch and nothing happens.  Something is wrong with the watch and it will not clear that screen so I can see my time or stop the beeping!  I am literally thinking…  Are you kidding me?!

I don’t want to turn off the watch because I knew it would be my only record of the run, but I can’t seem to fix it while running.  So I just keep running as it continues to beep. beep. beep.  Yes, it was that annoying.  I am so sorry to anyone running around me!

Around mile 17 I know I am slowing down, but since I don’t have any time source from my watch, I don’t realize until after the race how much I had slowed down.  I’m not sure if it would have made a difference though.  My legs are starting to feel so heavy.

Chicago Marathon 2012-31

Mile 20-23 is a blur.  I take a few extra walk breaks, but I’m not sure how many.  I even get confused on what mile I am running.  This is by far the hardest section of the race.  Everyone around me seems to be in pain and not moving much at all.  I witness and experience the marathon “wall” first hand.  It literally hits you like a ton of bricks.  I keep repeating over in my head “pain is temporary, pride is forever.”  Quitting is never an option, but it is so hard to keep running!   Just sitting down sure seems tempting.  I’m not sure how I keep moving forward, but I make progress.  I do remember seeing the “squad” again.

Chicago Marathon 2012-41

 I think my face here says it all.

Once I hit mile 23 I seem to snap out of it.  I only have a 5K left!  I see the “squad” again and this time I give them a “high five” and a smile!  I am going to finish this race with everything I have and with a smile on my face.   I refuse to let the toughness of the marathon take away my joy!

Chicago Marathon 2012-42

 I’ve got this guys!

I start to slowly pass some people as I continue to run.  Mile 24, Mile 25…. As I start to run back into town the crowd starts to get louder and the tall buildings get closer.

Chicago Marathon 2012-35

At mile 25 my new friend Megan hops out of the crowd in her jeans and runs (ok, slowly jogs) along my side.  She tells me not to talk ( I don’t think I could have!) and that I am doing great, that I look strong and that I am going to finish this strong.  She stays with me for a couple tenths of a mile which is just enough to get my legs moving just a little faster.

By the 26 mile marker I’m all the way back in downtown and just have to make a hard right up a little hill to the finish line.  I see my loving “cheer squad” one last time and they are screaming their hearts out.

Chicago Marathon 2012-43

I feel so lucky and blessed to have had them with me the whole time.  I give them a thumbs up and tackle that hill!  If there is one thing us mountains girls know how to do—it’s run up a silly little hill!!!

Chicago Marathon 2012-44

But it does seem like a mean trick to put at hill at the last .2 miles of a marathon.

Chicago Marathon 2012-45

Thank goodness! It’s almost over!

I push through the finish line as strong as I can and can’t believe it’s over.   I did it.  I’m a marathoner.  Four months of long, hard training and I finished!  It’s a complete wave of emotions.

Since it’s such a large race, I have to keep moving at the finish line.  No collapsing or sitting down when you are done.  I go through almost an assembly line  process  and get my medal, water, Gatorade, a bag of food and an awesome foil space looking blanket to stay warm.  I am blissfully happy with my medal and space blanket.

Before the race, my husband and I picked a tree in the park to meet at after the race.  We figured there would be a mad sea of people and a tree would be a less likely meet up location for others to pick.  So I start to make my way towards that tree, which is still a good quarter mile from the finish line.   As I am walking my foot cramps and I try to step on it.  I shriek in pain and drop my water on a guy next to me.  Oh no!  I feel awful, but my foot will not stop cramping and it hurts!  Luckily, they are nice and are not mad about the water.  I still feel so bad about it.  They help me to where I can stretch my foot back out.  They ask me if they need to go get the medical team.  I said “NO!”  I had one specific instruction from my husband about the marathon day.  No matter what happened he didn’t want me to push so hard that he would have to come find me in a medical tent.  After all the cheering and support he gave me, I wasn’t going to let him down by letting a cramp send me to the medical tent!  I tell the guys I am fine and luckily my foot stretches back out and un-cramps quickly.

Chicago Marathon 2012-47

I keep walking and eventually spot our tree.

Chicago Marathon 2012-46

I come out of the official marathon area and my favorite people in the world are waiting. They have coats and blankets for me to warm up.  I even get great big hugs, even though I’m sure I am disgusting.  It feels so awesome to be done with the marathon.

Chicago Marathon 2012-49

In the end, I finished my marathon in 5:23 minutes.  My original goal when I signed up for the marathon was to go through the training and the race without getting hurt.  Somewhere along the training process I made another goal for myself, which was to finish in 4:59.  But in hindsight that was probably a little too ambitious.  My long training runs were so much slower.   I paced myself to hit that goal in the first half of the race, but totally lost my timing in the second half of the race.

I’ve been wondering, if I would have known how much I had slowed down, if my watch hadn’t have stopped working, could I have pushed harder?  I’m not sure, but I really don’t think so.  And if I would have pushed harder, would I have ended up hurt?  If that would have happened, I wouldn’t have accomplished the goal I set out for myself when I signed up.

So in the end I am a little disappointed in my time.  But, I am just a girl who picked up running a few years ago.  I never played sports and was always the last one picked in gym class.  Before I started running, the only athletic thing I had done in my life was ballet.  One year ago I couldn’t even run three miles because I was still overcoming a serious illness.

The marathon and the whole training process taught me to fight and be strong even when faced with adversity.  I’ve learned that you don’t have to be fast or athletic to achieve an ambitious goal like a marathon.  It does take a tremendous amount of work and dedication, but I have the ability to be an athlete and a marathoner.   I even raised almost $700 dollars (as of 10/11/12)  for Girls on the Run of WNC!  It was worth all the sacrifices to be able cross that finish line after 26.2 miles.

Chicago Marathon 2012-51

(Or 27… after I fixed my gps watch it said I actually ran 27 miles during the race!  I must have taken the longest route along the course. DOH!)

And a BIG thank you to Andrey, Sarah’s husband, who took all of these awesome pictures, while being a rockstar spectator!

Chicago Marathon 2012-28


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  5. Thanks for sharing this! As I line up to run Chicago #3, I know exactly what you are talking about. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • JulieWunder October 12, 2015 at 6:00 pm - Reply

      Thanks Wendy! I’m heading over to see how you did. Regardless, I hope you had a blast.

  6. Jessica @ The Silvah Lining June 11, 2015 at 1:51 pm - Reply

    Congrats on becoming a marathoner! I am training for Marine Corps Marathon and also raising money for GOTR! They are such an amazing organization. Thanks for sharing with us at #TuesdayTales

    • JulieWunder June 11, 2015 at 9:27 pm - Reply

      So cool!!!! I had such a great time and I know you will too!

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  11. Paul Rodman June 24, 2014 at 1:03 am - Reply

    Hi Julie,
    Running Chicago this year and browsing race reports. You should not be disappointed in not meeting your goal time. It’s not easy to set a time and run to it until you have a lot of marathons under your belt..and even then.

    Congrats on a solid race!
    Hope you are still running strong.


    • JulieWunder June 25, 2014 at 8:01 am - Reply

      Thank you Paul! I’m still running strong and so happy I got to run the Chicago Marathon.

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  25. Megan October 12, 2012 at 2:50 am - Reply

    Congrats, Julie! You may not remember me – we met last year @ WLOS (I was with the Distinguished Young Women group (formerly Junior Miss)). As a runner, your blog is so inspiring (and very well written!) I am thinking of doing the Disney Half Princess in February and would love to talk with you about it! I made a small donation to Girls on the Run. I know that it will help young ladies strive for their best! Congrats again! Enjoy this amazing accomplishment!

    • JulieWunder October 14, 2012 at 5:54 pm - Reply

      Megan- Thank you SO much for your donation! You pushed the fundraising over $700! Awesome.
      I do remember you coming into the studio. Thank you so much for reading the blog! I am enjoying writing again 🙂
      Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my best friend is one of funnest, most memorable things I’ve ever done. I loved it. In face I’m thinking about running it again this year 🙂 I’d love to talk to you about it– send me an e-mail at [email protected]

  26. Megan Shook October 12, 2012 at 1:34 am - Reply

    YAY Julie! You did so awesome and all I can say to your readers is that you kicked some serious tail at the end!!! Do you remember me running alongside you at 21.5? I laughed when I read the blur of 20-23. Lets get together sometime soon so we can talk about your next marathon 😉

    • JulieWunder October 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm - Reply

      haha– NOW I remember the 21.5! I think you were actually very close to where I saw the “cheer squad” 🙂 I think I tried to tell you that you were all in the same place… but that was way to many words. The blur is becoming clearer…
      yes, e-mail me! Let’s do lunch and talk about HALF marathons 🙂

  27. Diane Norris October 11, 2012 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    what an awesome blog and journal ! I laughed and cried right with you !!
    CONGRATS !! cant wait to see the medal !!

    • JulieWunder October 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm - Reply

      🙂 Thank you!!! See you soon!

  28. Julie October 11, 2012 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    Congrats, Julie! I am an old college friend of your hubby, and I caught up with your adventure via his updates for you during the race. I have done a few half-marys and a half Ironman, and cannot wrap my mind around ever doing a Full Mary!! Well done! Wondering what you used for fuel during Chicago? And tell your hubby that “Trainer Julie” says “Hi!” 😀

    • JulieWunder October 14, 2012 at 6:04 pm - Reply

      Hi Julie! My hubby says HI! Thank you so much for reading.
      I used Cliff Shots Gu. I found the vanilla flavor to be the least disgusting and I took a mocha shot about half way through for some caffeine help. I took them every 4 miles and I practiced with them to make sure they didn’t make my stomach go wacky. I drank just water because I had read the gu and Gatorade can be a bad combo on your stomach.
      I didn’t expect the marathon to be easy, but it was 2-3 times harder than I thought. I’m glad I did it though.

  29. Angie October 11, 2012 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    Congratulations! Very inspiring. I have enjoyed following your blog and am so happy for you- couldn’t help but smile as I read your race recap 🙂

    • JulieWunder October 14, 2012 at 6:04 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you are enjoying it!

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