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Asian Apple Butter Salmon Skewers with Spicy Yogurt Sauce – Giveaway!

Juicy salmon is skewered and soaked in a rich Asian and Mussleman’s apple butter inspired marinade.  The grilled salmon skewers are served with a spicy and bright yogurt dipping sauce. *Keep reading for a giveaway!*  The hubs and I love to grill year-round.  Even though it is fall, we still find ourselves creating recipes using [...]

Goat Cheese & Shrimp Quesadilla

Shrimp, goat cheese and poblano peppers all come together for one fierce and tasty shrimp quesadilla recipe that I know you will love! Can you believe that my garden still looks like this?  I lost my mammoth zucchini plant and cucumbers in August, but my peppers are still going strong. Send me pepper recipes, please! I have sweet [...]

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Chipotle Lime Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw

These Chipotle Lime Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw are the perfect taco combination!It’s safe to say I have a taco addiction. It goes along with my burrito and my “I could eat a quesadilla every day of my life” dependency issues.  Some people love chocolate.  I love chipotle flavored anything.My Mom used to say my issues [...]

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Cajun Shrimp & Rice&ndash

*This is the 10th of of 10 Crock Pot recipes I am trying in January and February as part of the Peanut Butter Fingers Blog Crock Pot Challenge* Don’t you love spring? Yes, I know it’s not really Spring yet… Do signs of Easter on the horizon make you smile?                 Aren’t these guys adorable! [...]