10 Inspiring Running Posts to Keep You Moving

In honor of National Running Day!
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10 Must Do Tips For Healthy & Injury Free Running

Run for life!

7 Ways to Save Big on Racing

Race for cheaper!
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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Signed Up for My First Race

fall in love with racing all over again!
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20 Treadmill Workouts for Yucky Weather

Workouts to not hate the 'mill!
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  • The Perfect Gym to Street Shoes- Saucony Marl Pack Shoes / Running in a Skirt

Fashion Friday – The Perfect Gym to Street Shoes

When fashion meets function!
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The Importance of Good Running Shoes

And a new pair you'll want to try!
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  • 101 Reasons to Run

101 Reasons to Love Running

Going back to my roots to inspire you.
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5 Ways to Survive Running in Summer Heat & Humidity

A meteorologist's take on safe summer running.
  • How to Make Running a Habit (Even when it feels really hard...)

5 Ways to Make Running a Habit (Even when it feels really hard!)

Yes! You can run!