Top 13 of 2013

I can’t believe a year has past since we were reflecting on 2012!  The older I get (still hanging on to the dream that I’m actually … eh-ehm… 23) the quicker time seems to fly.

2013 has had so many high notes!  A trip to Italy, family moving closer and hosting my first huge Thanksgiving feast. 

Even with all the ups this year, so much of 2013 has been marked by my health struggles.  That has made this year tough, but I have learned valuable lessons in perseverance and the power of positivity that are irreplaceable.  I hope to remember this year as a time when I had more strength than I knew possible.

2013 is also my first full year of blogging and the year I expanded Running in a Skirt to include more of my life outside of running.  I have been so blessed that so many of you have joined me in this little project by reading my blog.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

SOOOO…. without further ado, Running in a Skirt’s (drum roll, please….)

TOP 13 OF 2013

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1. Feb 20th – Even though I started the year off sick at home, I kept the running spirit of the blog alive by looking back to the time I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Best. Race. Ever.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Tips and Pictures


2. March 2nd – I did a Crock Pot Challenge in January and February where I made 10 recipes entirely in the Crock Pot!   It was so nice to have these meals ready to go when I wasn’t feeling well.   If you are looking for some easy meals for the New Year, check this out!

Crock Pot Challenge Roundup


3. March 22nd- After months of doctors appointments and speech therapy, my doctors finally figure out why I was having so many  health and voice problems.

I Have to Have Sinus Surgery


4. April 12 – After months of being sick and struggling to get my voice back I shared my attempts at a poetic motivational speech. 

Yes, a little melodramatic Smile, but it really helped at the time.

Find Your Sunshine


5. April 16th – After an extended leave from work, I finally get to go back to my job at the TV station!

I’m Back at Work


6. May 28th – I love this little herb tower!  Is it spring yet?

How to Make an Herb Tower


7. Italy! – The hubs and I took a 2 week trip to Italy!!!  I know this is technically more than one post, but for this list’s sake, they all count as one. Smile








8. July 8th- After many months of a running hiatus, I finally got back in the swing of things!

Just Call Me Rocky Wunder


9. July 30th- My first race back after surgery.

Bele Chere 5K 2013- A Comeback Race


10. Oct 23- We find out the gender of the baby my sister-in-law is having!  We are getting a new nephew in early 2014.

Baby Gender Reveal Party


11.  October 30th – My brother and other loved ones moved close!

My Brother Moved to Charlotte


12. November 1- I took some time to honor and remember my mother on the 1 year anniversary of her passing.

50 Life Lessons From My Mom


13. December 2nd- We hosted Thanksgiving for both of our families this year!  I had so much fun putting all the little details together.

Thanksgiving in Asheville



What is your favorite 2013 memory?

What will you remember about this year?

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  1. Walter Wright January 5, 2014 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Nice Happy New Year 2014 =)

  2. Dan Steadman December 31, 2013 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    definitely, definitely, training for and finishing the Asheville Citizen-Times marathon in 3:49:37 and the feeling at the finish, my boys high-five as I run by and the ten-twenty hands that popped out before finishing my push. But that wasn’t the topper, after getting my water and medal, the warm moment shared with my dad after words, he got me into running, never missed a HS meet, made a few college meets. Then as a follow up, for Christmas, my wife and boys got me a frame with my four finish area photos and my finisher medal framed.

  3. Karl Quisenberry December 31, 2013 at 3:02 am - Reply

    I survived temporary heart failure, the ensuing fall that broke my neck, 9hospital days after the ER, 9 days in Rehab, and a total of three months that resulted in a 100% recovery,

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