My Kale Pasta recipe lets just a couple of good ingredients shine.  It is proof that sometimes simple is the best.

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Good morning friends!

I have a little bloggy confession to make.  Right now, I create, test and photograph my recipes (just the recipes) about two weeks in advance.  So I made this recipe the week of Icemaggedon 2015.  I had actually planned to make something different that week, but I found myself iced in without the right ingredients.  I despise (I know… strong word, but I do) going to the grocery store right before a snow/ ice event, so I usually try to make due with what I have.  But when you are cooking for a blog that can cause some problems.

So I decided to take the situation as a challenge and get creative.  I set out to make a blog worthy dish with some of the stuff I had on hand.  The good news is the ingredients are probably stuff you  have as well.

The result was simple and beautiful!  My Kale Pasta recipe is so tasty it will feel like a well planned out meal.

kale pasta recipe-23-3

I had some gorgeous kale, high quality pasta, parsley, lemon and parmesan.

kale pasta recipe-3-1

A little butter and olive oil really make this a rich dish and adds to the flavor.

kale pasta recipe-10-2

For an extra pop, I used just a pinch of red pepper flakes.  So delicious and on the table really quickly.

kale pasta recipe-25-4

My Kale Pasta recipe may have been a unplanned but it is worthy of a top spot on your regular dinner rotation.

kale pasta recipe pin

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