Antigua Fashion

Happy Fashion Friday!  After a beautifully mild week in the mountains the skies have turned gray and cold again.  I'm thinking about starting a countdown until spring.  Who's in? With my pure love of sun and sand, I adore all things about warm vacations in winter. But, topping the list is pulling out my favorite summer dresses [...]

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Things to Do in Antigua

Antigua is a gorgeous island in the Caribbean with plenty of sights!  There are so many things to do in Antigua that anyone can have a great time!  Today I’m going to share what I thought were the best things to do in Antigua. The Christmas trees are packed back away in the attic and the laundry [...]

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Back From Antigua

Hi everyone! The hubs and I are back from Antigua!  We were there all last week.   Yes, we escaped the crazy polar vortex garbage and went south.  Really south! We got back in late… LATE… Saturday night and are still trying to get unpacked and get back in the groove.  I spent all day yesterday [...]

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Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is such a nice place to visit.  Out of the places I have been in the Caribbean, it has by far been the nicest. The hubs and I stayed on Providenciales or “Provo” which is supposed to be the most populated island in the chain and the one with the most tourist infrastructure.  [...]

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Back From Turks and Caicos

Hello Friends!  I am back from a beautiful vacation on Turks and Caicos.Turks and Caicos is a set of Caribbean islands south of Bahamas. It is known for its stunning turquoise blue waters that don’t disappoint!I’m not even sure pictures can do it justice.I tried to capture the beauty and have hundreds of photos to go through to [...]

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Jamaica Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary this year, the hubs and I decided that instead of gifts, we wanted to take a trip.  We decided something WARM and EASY was the way to go. Aruba… JAMACIA… ewww I wanna take ya! Yes, Please! After searching for good deals on Caribbean trips we settled on a long weekend getaway [...]

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