Currently… (November 2020)

///Currently… (November 2020)

Currently… (November 2020)

Hi everyone!

Seriously… how is it November and HOW ARE MY BABIES TWO YEARS OLD tomorrow?

Yes, these cuties are TWO on Saturday!

Wasn’t it just yesterday we brought them home from the hospital and shared these newborn photos?  It simultaneously feels an entire lifetime and just days ago.

I’m so proud, happy, and sad at the same time.  While the tantrums can be so challenging and raising twin toddlers is in NO WAY easy, I actually love this stage more than any other and they are often a HOOT to be around.  When they are in good moods in a lot of fun.

From making me feed Mickey dinner and giving each other hugs they will warm your heart in a second.

While we aren’t having a traditional party this weekend we are still going to celebrate the birthday with a visit from the Hub’s parents, cake, and some fun gifts for the boys.  I’m pretty excited about it and it’s honestly a lot less stressful than throwing a ginormous party like last year.  I’ll make sure to share the details next week.  Plus I’ll have a post sharing their two-year update that I’m working on as well.

But without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s Currently… post.

Currently I’m…


I’ve spent way too much time watching the news so far this month and need to get back to reading!  Send book ideas my way please. 🙂



I’m obsessed with this song. So fun and catchy.


I already confessed to watching WAY too much news so far this month but this week we took a big break from that and started The Queen’s Gambit.  It’s about a girl prodigy chess player in the 1960’s.  It has a fascinating story, gorgeous sets and clothes, and amazing acting.  It’s been super intriguing and compelling and sparks both the Hubs and my interest equally.  I haven’t finished it yet, but so far I highly recommend it.  On my own, I’ve been loving Emily in Paris. It’s a lot lighter but a great watch for my workout time.

I’ve also been watching the twins play on a family heirloom, which has been pretty cool.

My Grandad made this wooden horse for my cousin and it got passed along to me and the boys.  They love it and have so much fun riding it.


I’ve actually found some good stuff on Amazon that I’ve been wearing on repeat.  I honestly HATE jeans.  I’m just not a jeans person and would much prefer to wear a dress.  That being said, I still needed a new pair and found these Levi’s on Amazon.  They were on a list of best random Amazon purchases.  So for only $25 I thought let’s try it.

GUYS! They are AMAZING.  They are stretchy without losing shape, they suck everything in, come up just high enough, AND even come in different lengths.  They are a little more like a jegging than traditional jean, but they are still very sleek looking.  I need the tall kind but there is a short inseam too.  Do yourself a favor and try them out.  Here’s the link. 

I’ve also been loving knot headbands lately because they are great to dress up a bad hair day and these were a wonderful buy.  You get 9 headbands for just $13 and they look super cute.


The Hubs and I had a car lunch date at Taco Temple the other day.  It’s my FAVORITE but for a million reasons we hadn’t been able to go since everything started last March.  We both ended up on that side of town last week and got takeout and ate in the car.  It was incredible. 🙂



The Hub’s has been upping his cocktail game!  This is Mezcal (like tequila but smokier,) pineapple juice and ginger beer.  So good!


Yup.  I’m home WAY too much and decided we needed a Thanksgiving inflatable too.  I’m currently accepting name suggestions for Mr. Turkey.  The boys LOVE him.

The one I got seems to have already sold out but here’s a similar one.  It’s cheesy, but hey I love cheese. 🙂


I’m celebrating keeping the twins alive for TWO years! There have been some hard days along the way and I look back to those early days and don’t remember how we actually made it but we did.

I’m so grateful and blessed to be Mom to these two cuties.


CHRISTMAS!!! Even though Christmas might not look the same this year, I’m determined to make it special for the boys.  This is their first Christmas where they actually cried most of the day.

And this is the second Christmas where we had a good day but they didn’t really understand much.

So each year has gotten a bit better and this year I’m hoping they get it just a little.  I’m a big kid at heart so I love the idea of sharing the holidays with them.



I’m praying that the vaccine they announced earlier this week to be effective and everyone to figure out how to safely get it to people as soon as possible!

My Grandma’s Althizemers and health issues have gotten exponentially worse lately and I’m praying for her too.



I’ve been doing a monthly Currently… post since August 2015.  Catch up HERE!  Thank you so much for reading today and for your comments.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


Your turn!

Answer one of the Currently… prompts above.

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  1. Sara November 15, 2020 at 7:59 am - Reply

    Happy birthday Hunter ✈️Happy birthday Jackson ⛵️ Lots of fun this weekend 🎉🎉🎂🎉🎂

  2. susan r rawls November 15, 2020 at 12:19 am - Reply

    The boys are so cute! Happy Birthday Hunter and Jackson. And your jeans look great on!

  3. Kimberly November 13, 2020 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    Your boys are so adorable!! They both have gorgeous hair 😍 Hope your Friday is good Julie!

  4. Nancy November 13, 2020 at 8:57 am - Reply

    I’m currently reading Same Kind of Different as Me. I definitely would recommend it.

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