Three years ago today I was in Maui, Hawaii getting ready for my dream wedding on a rocky, secluded beach.

I prayed for the perfect mix of tropical and traditional flowers…


…a stunning white cake, a tropical rain-free sunny day…


…waves crashing against the rocks for pictures…


…the perfect sunset…


and for our guests to have an amazing time.

wedding5.jpgOur wedding was simple, but I wanted it to be perfect.


I’m a lucky girl because it was just about as perfect as one could imagine.wedding6.jpg

I prayed for a beautiful wedding day as much as any girl, but most of all, I prayed for our marriage.

The days beyond the one perfect day.

All the days of our life really.


You see, I am the luckiest of them all because I get to be married to this handsome guy for my entire life.  I can honestly say I love him more than that perfect day we got married.   There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for our marriage.blackbalsamhike17.jpg

Life as a lot of ups and downs, but I am so blessed to have a partner who supports me and all of my crazy dreams.  We go through life as a team with an unbreakable bond.


My prayers were truly answered.

Happy 3rd Anniversary hubby!  I love you!

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Housekeeping note

Congratulations to Jenny Slagle who won the Old Factory Candles giveaway!

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 Your Turn!

If you are married, where was your wedding?

If you are not, where is your dream wedding?




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