Today’s Victory & 5 Tips to Healthy Living

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Today’s Victory & 5 Tips to Healthy Living

I am a firm believer in running, fitness, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and a lover of yoga.  It’s one the reasons I started this blog.  To share how healthy living has improved my life.

I wish my healthy living and running blog has had a little more running content lately.  But I know when my body needs to rest.

Since I got sick in February and had sinus surgery, I’ve had to take a necessary break from any intense exercise and running.  I miss it.

I know it sounds strange but I feel like I have more energy after I exercise.  And exercise, especially running, is my true stress relief.   I think it really balances my life.

My one saving grace is I have been able to do a small amount of yoga.

My poses look nothing like this even when I’m in the best of health. But I try.

Lately my yoga has been more deep breathing and simple stretching than complicated moves.  You do what you can when you are recovering from surgery.

Even if it means your workout clothes are getting more use lounging than sweating.  Yoga pants are the perfect lounge wear Smile

Today’s victory was small.


Yes- That’s 1 mile.  Walking– not running — on the treadmill.  My doctor told me I could try to walk to see if walking helped my energy levels.  I have been extremely fatigued since I started back to work.  I knew going back would be hard, but I have been absolutely exhausted.  The doctors unfortunately said that was normal. Ugh.  I have no patience.

My doctor said to walk until I got tired but not to push myself.  I have to conserve my energy for work.  That one mile felt good.  And yes, I actually had more energy when I was done.  Funny how that happens.

Today’s Victory may not be like my marathon finish, the Disney Princess Half Marathon or that killer 8 mile training run in early February.  But it’s a start.

And I’m proud.

Here are some of my tips to make small victories in your life when it comes to fitness and healthy living.

1- Change out one “processed” food snack a day for a piece of fruit.

Example—Chips for an apple.  It’s such a small thing but can make big difference.

2- To try to eat more fruit and veggies, do the prep work with them as soon as you get home from the store.

Example- Wash apples and put them in a bowl that is easy to reach, Wash grapes or carrots and put them in zip lock bags in snack size portions, or create your own pre-cut “Salad bar” with tupperware in your fridge.

3- If you don’t have time or aren’t able to do a full blown exercise routine, it doesn’t mean you can’t try something.  Do 10 minutes of yoga or a 10 minute circuit workout (with doctor approval of course!)

4- Carry water with you at all times.  I drink at least 1 large Nalgene bottle of water a day.  Sometimes 2.  It allows your body to feel healthy and hydrated! AND- it’s great for your voice.

4- Make sure you have the proper gear to workout in.  If you have nice clothes that fit well and look cute you are more likely to use them to workout.  When I first starting going to the gym and running I really trusted Champion C9 from Target.  Their workout gear is inexpensive, high quality and always has cute and current styles.  I truly believe the brand is a high value for your money.  AND their yoga pants come in a long length… which is a huge deal for me- I’m 5’8”

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

** Champion C9 by Target sponsored this post and provided some of the images, but all opinions and endorsements are my own **



Have you tried Champion C9 by Target?

How do you try to live a healthy lifestyle?

What is your VICTORY today?


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  1. Rick Hill April 29, 2013 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    Thanks, Julie! A wonderful update on your activities! Hope you are back to full strength soon!I am not a runner but I hike regularly in the Montreat Wilderness. I took some friends up there back in October. We hiked up Greybeard Mtn. (5930′) My friends’ general comment was “Don’t ever go up in the mountains with Rick Hill…that man will get you killed…bears, rattlesnakes, all kinds of crazy stuff up there…call this a day hike…yeah, all day and half the night…”we finally got down off the mtn. at 3 am. We actually took off clothes and set them on fire to use as torches! You are a runner. I am a hiker. My great grandfather fought in the Civil War…he hiked all over the country. And he was in his sixties. So you see I come from a long line of hikers…and people of longevity!

    I saw Suzanne Hudson at church yesterday. I sing in the choir and she always waves to me when she comes through the communion line. She forgot this time and I threw my hymnbook at her…ended up hitting the piano instead…we Catholics are crazy!

    Sorry for such a long comment…I always look forward to your blog updates.

    Most sincerely,

  2. Sarah April 29, 2013 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    Thanks Julie for this awesome post! I have not tried this yoga wear from Target but it looks great and might be a good thing for me to try as I look at getting back into yoga. Eating right and exercising really does make me feel good even if it can be tough with a busy schedule. My little victory today was signing up for the National Bike Challenge! Now that the spring weather is here I can bike to work more comfortably and ride our nearby trails!

  3. Megan Zacharias April 29, 2013 at 12:12 am - Reply

    Congratulations on your strides to getting healthy and back to your routine. I really appreciate the snack suggestions. I have a large bag of carrots and a bunch of salad going to waste because I don’t have enough time in the mornings to get something out together for lunch. Keep up the good work in getting better and thank you for the awesome suggestions! Also, I love the recipes you’ve suggested in the past. I look forward to more of those down the road too!

  4. Rhonda Allen April 28, 2013 at 1:58 pm - Reply

    I know some Dr’s are not big on multivitamins, but I swear by them. I have fibromyalgia so energy is a big problem for me too. I take an energy vitamin by New Chapter, and they really help me. No stimulants, just good stuff šŸ™‚

  5. Madeline St Onge April 27, 2013 at 11:31 pm - Reply

    You take it slow Julie and listen to your doctor’s please. It is not crazy that you feel more energized after a walk/run, I feel the same way, makes my day so much better for me (((HUGS))) Baby steps please

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