Conquer a Cove 5K

The Conquer a Cove 5K has always been one of my favorite local races, probably because I made this promo for the race several years ago.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX_LrqpPB2QAnd guess what?  Sunday I actually felt like I ran that fast!It was one of those perfect racing days.  The temperatures were hanging just below sixty degrees and there were [...]

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Oskar Blues 4 Miler 2014

Running the hills must really be working because I had a great race and set a PR at the Oskar Blues 4 miler Saturday! Well…. I’ve never run a 4 miler before, so any time would have technically been a PR.  Details. Details.It’s all about the positive spin my friends!  I did run well though, and [...]

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Run for Your Art 5K

Saturday was a glorious day for a Fall 5K in Black Mountain.  I’ve been itching to do some more races since I’ve been feeling better post cold.  The Run for Your Art 5K was an absolutely perfect event. *Spoiler Alert* I ran my second fastest 5K ever! The hubs and I arrived at the baseball [...]

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Pink in the Park 5K

One of my favorite parts of participating in community races is a chance to support some great causes.   Many of the 5K’s that runners talk about are actually fundraisers for all kinds of charities and non-profits. You can easily run a Saturday morning 5K and by lunch you have helped raise money for a great cause, [...]

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Yes, That Was Me with Cowbell at the Asheville City Marathon

As the hubs and I were leaving the house Saturday morning to cheer on our good friend Dan, who was running the Asheville Marathon, I remembered I had kept all of my Chicago Marathon goodies in the basement.  Within a few minutes I had signs, cowbells and noise makers.  Holla!Suddenly spectating a marathon got a [...]