Break up your breakfast routine with healthy, clean eating Apple Pie Overnight Oats!

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Hi everyone!

Apple season is in full swing in the mountains.  The county just south of where I live grows a TON of apples, so it’s always a big deal when the ripe fruits start coming off the trees.  I try to drive directly to a farm at least once a season to pick up the freshest ones.  Apples are such a classically good fruit and ones just off the tree are a whole new level of divine.  I eat one almost every day this time of year.

At the apple farm they serve all sorts of apple goodness like apple cider, apple donuts, apple cider, apple cakes and APPLE PIES!  They are all wonderfully classic desserts.

I decided today to bring you all of those flavors, but in a healthy guilt-free breakfast…. I call it Apple Pie Overnight Oats.  Ta-dahhh!

Apple Pie Overnight Oats-40-3

The best part is my Apple Pie Overnight Oats is only 5 ingredients… 6 if you add the dollop of yogurt on top.  If you leave that off, it is also vegan.

Either way it’s apple-y goodness at its best.

The secret in getting a lot of apple flavor throughout the overnight oats is actually grating it!  It mixes in so well and brings such goodness and texture.  It really bulks up the breakfast too, keeping you fuller longer.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats-22-2

I added in chia seeds to give it even more texture and a nutritional boost!

It’s flavored with cinnamon, which basically makes me so happy at breakfast.  It just feels like a spice hug.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats-45-4

In the end this simple Apple Pie Overnight Oats will have you feeling like a cool fall morning at the orchard all season long.


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