Happy Wednesday friends!

I was way too optimistic about my wishes of spring yesterday.  We got more snow yesterday and are expecting a bigger snow storm later today and tonight.  I’ll make sure to share my snow pics on my Instagram as it comes down.  I’m afraid Asheville is going to be shut down all week again!

Anyways, let’s talk healthy living… shall we?

I assume many of you are reading my blog because you have at least some interest in healthy living tips.  Perhaps you need some tips to continue your journey or just want to be around others who have the same goals.

I write a lot of articles with healthy living tips and advice.  It might seem like I have it all together.  But of course, I don’t. I still make mistakes and I still have challenges I am trying to overcome.  So for the sake of being totally real, I thought it would fun to talk about the honest ups and downs of “healthy living.

Today I’m sharing the 5 healthiest things I do AND the 5 unhealthiest things I do.

5 Healthy Things I Do

1- I drink a ton of water.

I started drinking a lot of water during my Chicago Marathon training and the habit stuck.  I carry a Nalgene bottle around with me almost all the time and try to make sure I drink the contents twice a day.  That’s 64 ounces of water!  I also drink at least an additional glass with all of my meals.

julie water bottle

I can tell a huge difference in how my body feels when I don’t drink all my water. I get headaches, feel sluggish and am more congested when I slack off on my water drinking.  The difference is profound for me.

2- I eat fruit and veggies like a boss.

I am a self professed fruit-a-holic.  When I want a snack I almost always grab a piece of fruit.  As a pescatarian, I also eat a ton of vegetables.

julie apple

3- I don’t drink my calories

I don’t drink soda, juice or anything with many calories.  I love tea in all forms, which is great because it has no calories!  I drink black tea, green tea, herb tea and iced tea.  It is such a comforting thing for me.

I will occasionally have a fancy coffee, glass of wine or a mixed drink.  But that is more of a treat than anything routine.  If I do get a high calorie coffee out, I will order a small one.  Plus, I only have wine on weekends, unless it is a very special occasion.

4- I stay active.

I get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week and I love it.  My goal is to run three days a week, cross train two days and do yoga at least once.  I even love to just go for long walks.  Anything to get my heart rate up makes me happy and healthy.  My body likes to move and my mind feels the clearest when I “sweat it out.”

5- I respect my asthma.

I know peak times for asthma problems and what triggers my asthma.  I avoid running outside when it is really hot or really cold.  I will run on my treadmill.  If I am feeling like I am having issues I don’t push it.  If I have to walk instead of run because my lungs don’t want to play nice, that is ok.  I respect that.

5 Unhealthy Things I Do

1- I have a Sweet’ n Low addiction.

I am trying really hard to break a Sweet’ n Low addiction.  The pretty pink packets were always on the family table for dinner growing up.  I’ve put them in my tea for years and years.  I sadly even got the hubs addicted to them.   I know this sounds nuts, but they taste so good to me.  The other sweeteners still taste off to me… even real sugar.

This past summer I got rid of all the packets in the house and started buying only stevia.  It has been a hard process, but I am getting used to it.  The problem is when I see the pink packets in restaurants I reach for them like they are gold and put them in my tea.  I am still that addicted to it.  Luckily I don’t eat out that much!

Please don’t give me a lecture in the comments about this because I know how bad it is for me, I know.  I have made great strides in cutting it out of our house.  Next step is to not let myself reach for it at all.  I’m getting there but I have not beat it yet.

I will beat this unhealthy habit.

2016 UPDATE! I have replaced my sweet n low with stevia!!!

2- I eat all the cheese.

I eat too much cheese.  I could cut it out of one or two meals a week and be a lot healthier.  Honestly, that is probably not going to happen though.  Sometimes unhealthy tastes so good and I’m sure it isn’t hurting me that much!

3- I don’t respect my allergies.

I’m allergic to all the things outside, but I still insist on living outside as much as possible.  As much as I try to respect my asthma, I don’t respect my allergies.  I am literally allergic to trees, grass and shrubs… even my beloved garden .  Basically all the things outside that make the world so wonderful.  I should probably live in an allergy bubble, but what fun would that be?  Even though exposing myself to pollen isn’t healthy for me, I’m going to do the things I love.


I’ll just take the meds and deal.  So this unhealthy habit is happily sticking around.

4- I sit too much for work.

When I worked at the TV station, I hardly sat down for more than ten minutes at a time.  I was always up and standing for the next shot. Now that I am working from home and most of my job is on the computer I find myself sitting way too much.  Even though I still get in my daily workouts, it is not healthy to sit all day.  I am going to try to start setting an alarm for at least once an hour.  I’ll get up and do a little two to three minute walk, workout or stretch.

blog desk

Hopefully I can kick this unhealthy habit in no time.

5- I worry and stress.

I know first hand how much stress can impact your health and well being.  I am constantly fighting the honest reaction to worry and stress out about even little things.  If I can’t control something I need to let it go.

I am so much better at this than I used to be, but I know there is more work to do.

Breaking this unhealthy habit might take a lifetime, but maybe one day I will get there.

Here is some food for thought today…

healthy living tips pin

“Even if you do things that are considered unhealthy, it doesn’t mean that you are a lost cause and can’t live a “healthy” life. 

Life is all about a balance. 

If you are doing something unhealthy right now that bothers you, start to make small changes to improve the situation.  

Everyone is a work in progress.  Even me.”

On that same note, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING perfectly to live a “healthy lifestyle.”  I feel sometimes people can it too far.  It’s ok to sometimes eat too much cheese or eat extra carbs.  As long as it really isn’t hurting you and the healthy outweighs the unhealthy, give yourself a break and enjoy this beautiful thing called life.

Have a wunderful day friends!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some delicious brussels sprouts and a story about the time I got my dogs addicted to Pup-eroni.

Your turn!

What are your healthiest and unhealthiest habits?

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