Weekly Happenings – Taste of Fall, Sticks & Rocks

///Weekly Happenings – Taste of Fall, Sticks & Rocks

Weekly Happenings – Taste of Fall, Sticks & Rocks

Hi everyone! It’s been a fast, all over the place kind of week.  Last weekend we were supposed to go to the beach but decide to postpone the trip due to the Hurricane and lingering wind.  We were able to reschedule for this weekend and are hoping to go tomorrow.  Because of all the changes though I’ve felt like I haven’t known whether I’m coming or going this week.  Fingers crossed we actually get to go this time.  I’ve learned to take nothing for granted in 2020… even beach plans happening tomorrow! 🙂

Instead of the beach, we spent what ended up being a very cozy fall weekend at home.  It turned chilly in the mountains early and we had a few mornings of temps in the low 40’s and highs only in the 60’s.  The boys were so funny sitting on the couch with blankets.  They call them “blanks.

They pretty much thought this was hilarious and we did too.

I went for a quick run and came back and the Hub’s had dressed the boys for the day.  I had a total Mom fail and haven’t washed the new fall clothes I bought them yet.  In my defense, it normally doesn’t turn this cold quite this early.

The Hubs went through the closet and made some of last year’s clothes work.

I came back from my run to find them playing outside complete with the helmets on.  Safety first!

Later that afternoon we found another spot along a stream and spent good 30 minutes just throwing rocks into it.

The boys laughed each time they threw a rock!

It was a pretty nice activity to get outside without anyone around.

We spent the rest of the week still trying to make old clothes work and playing outside.

They boys actually seemed to like the cooler weather.

I also took the plunge and pulled my summer flowers and replaced them with mums, violas and pansies.  I always feel a bit sad to do this, but it looks so nice when it’s done.

And finally I’ll leave you with one more pair of cute photos.  The boys have been ALL about oranges lately and this is the face they gave me when they got some this week.

These two really are a hoot!

Nothing really exciting happened this week but sometimes those are really the best weeks.  Hopefully, I’ll have some photos to share from Kiawah over the weekend.  Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to follow along.

Thanks for reading today!  I hope you have a nice weekend too.

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