Training Plan for Chicago Marathon 2012

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Training Plan for Chicago Marathon 2012

Are you a planner?

Do you use computer spreadsheets like my husband?


                                                                                     The Ipad can do everything!

Or do you still live in the “dark ages” like me and use paper lists?

I can’t seem to get away from the paper.  Yes, I finally caved and got an iPhone and a Nook, but when it comes to scheduling, I need to see it on paper.  I still have a paper planner and I feel like I keep Franklin Covey in business.


I’d be lost without this!

On any given day you can find half a dozen paper to do lists around the house, in my car, or in my purse.  Maybe I just have too much to do!

So, it’s probably no surprise that my marathon training plan is scribbled on a folded up piece paper.


                                                                                               Here we go… the big plan!

And of course I couldn’t just use a plan that was already out there.  I analyzed several of the most popular plans and decided to use what I knew would work best with my time and body.


                                                                             So you think you are better than the experts?

                                                                                    Really Julie… let’s see how that goes…

I decided to go with a blend of the Jeff Galloway beginner plan and the Furman First Marathon plan.  The Jeff Galloway plan didn’t seem challenging enough.  The Furman First plan seemed like a great option but I was worried that too much  speed work would leave me injured.   My goal is to finish the marathon without having a serious injury.  I am so accident prone.  I also planned extra time and shorter runs around our big summer events like weddings and vacations.

If you are curious here is a link to the Jeff Galloway program online:

Here is the Furman First Program:

In addition to running I planned to cross train on my elliptical 2 days a week for 30- 60 minutes on non running days.  This replaced the  short runs in some of the training plans.  Both Jeff Galloway and Furman first use the 3 runs a week concept and it really works for me.   I also decided to do yoga 3 times a week.  Yoga has been the best thing that has happened to my running.  It’s helped balance out my stiff legs and relived shin splint trouble!

My husband just called to tell me that no one can read my scribble so I thought I’d share the plan in a little clearer fashion.  Sometimes you just have to move beyond the paper notes.

This program starts with a base of 10 miles.  Also I am not an expert or doctor– this is just what I am doing to train.

******              Mon            Tue          Wed           Thu            Fri              Sat            Sun

Week 18          Run 3        Cross       Run 5         Cross         Rest         Run 7        Rest

Week 17         Run 3         Cross       Run 3        Cross          Rest         Run 11       Rest

Week 16         Run 3         Cross        Run 4        Cross         Rest         Run 12       Rest

Week 15         Run 3         Cross       Run 5         Cross         Rest         Run 5         Rest

Week 14         Run 3         Cross       Run 5         Cross         Rest         Run 7         Rest

Week 13         Run 3         Cross       Run 4         Cross         Rest         Run 13       Rest

Week 12         Run 3         Cross       Run 5         Cross         Rest         Run 14       Rest

Week 11         Run 3         Cross       Run 5         Cross          Rest        Run 7         Rest

Week 10        Run 3         Cross       Run 5         Cross          Rest        Run 15        Rest

Week 9           Run 3         Cross      Run 5          Cross         Rest         Run 6          Rest

Week 8           Run 3        Cross       Run 5          Cross          Rest        Run 17       Rest

Week 7           Run 3        Cross       Run 6          Cross          Rest        Run 7        Rest

Week 6           Run 3        Cross       Run 5          Cross           Rest        Run 18     Rest

Week 5           Run 3        Cross       Run 3          Cross           Rest        Run 6        Rest

Week 4           Run 3        Cross       Run 5          Cross           Rest       Run 10      Rest

Week 3           Run 3        Cross       Run 5          Cross           Rest       Run 20      Rest

Week 2          Run 3         Cross       Run 5           Cross          Rest       Run 10       Rest

Week 1          Run 3          Cross      Run 3           Cross           Rest       Run 7         Rest

Marathon!   Run 3          Cross      Run 3           Rest              Rest       Rest       Run 26.2!

**Monday and Wednesday’s runs are faster with some at speed or tempo pace.  The long runs (10+ miles) are slower :45 – 1:00 less than my goal marathon pace.**

So far the plan has been going well.  I missed some runs in July because of  some bad luck.  I got food poisoning the first day of the month.  Right after I got better from that, I caught an awful virus/flu type thing.   I had to miss one long run and several shorter ones, but I was very lucky to pick it back up so quickly.   I’ve had to adjust some of the long run lengths because of that.

Now that I’m reaching the home stretch I’m going to bump up a few of the weekend runs to match the Furman program, I think when I made this plan, I was a little too conservative.  Otherwise I’m sticking to my goal with my eye on the prize;  Crossing that finish line in Chicago!

Leave Comments below or answer these questions….

How do you plan for big life events?  Do you make lists?

Runners—What did your marathon training plan look like?


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