Reina and The Tennis Ball

///Reina and The Tennis Ball

Reina and The Tennis Ball

It was a rough week to be a puppy in our house.  Both Rhett and Reina each had a bad tooth that had to come out, so we took them to the Vet at the same time for some dental work.

Here are their best post dental pathetic faces….rhettclose


Poor babies.  It’s a good thing these dogs don’t hold a grudge! I can’t stand it.

Both dogs bounced back to their normal selves in about 24 hours. 

Reina even started showing off with her tennis ball in no time.  I got the funniest and cutest series of pictures with her and her ball.  I just had to share. 

FYI and possibly TMI: She is completely obsessed with the ball to the point that she will go to the bathroom with it in her mouth and if we don’t watch her she will chew one until her gums bleed.  Obsessed!IMG_1716IMG_1642IMG_1664IMG_1670IMG_1680IMG_1683IMG_1684IMG_1685IMG_1701IMG_1717IMG_1718

Oh Reina… Life with a boxer is never BORING. Ha.Ha.

Meanwhile Rhett is just watching and wondering why she is such a nut!  He could care less about a tennis ball.  Thank goodness or I think we would be in trouble!


Question of the Day:

What crazy things do your pets do?

What are their favorite toys?

Have your pets ever had to have dental work?

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  2. Bethany November 26, 2013 at 11:32 pm - Reply

    I have a staffy, so tennis balls dont last very long. We got a basketball from a second hand store, and that has lasted over a year. She go’s straight to the ball when shes outside, and basically plays soccer with her nose.

  3. Annette November 22, 2013 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    Our Jack Russell, Moe will drive us crazy with the ball. We have to keep it put up till we can play too. He will bring in and put it in our lap then bump you and growl till you play.
    Our Lab, Levi will steal the ball sometimes and guard it, as if he is telling Moe it is enough. Moe also sits up on his behind like a groundhog to beg.

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