Watermelon Mint Popsicles

Sweet Watermelon, plump berries and fresh mint shine in my Watermelon Popsicles Recipe! Hi friends! Happy Thursday. This is my 500th blog post on Running in a Skirt!  Kind of exciting huh?  I've come a LONG way since that first post announcing I was running the Chicago Marathon AND starting a blog almost three years ago.  [...]

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Healthy Blueberry Crisp

Fresh, plump summer blueberries shine in my Healthy Blueberry Crisp with chia seeds! Hi friends! I spent a few days in Charlotte last month and got to catch up with my college roommate Lori.  She excels at figuring out how to make super healthy food that still tastes really good.  Remember the Black Bean Brownie [...]

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Cannoli Stuffed Strawberries

A healthy twist  on a classic cannoli!  Cannoli Strawberries use low fat cannoli filling to create a delicious, but healthier treat. Hi friends! Ever since I posted my Classic Strawberry Cannoli recipe I've been brainstorming a good way to get that flavor I crave without all the fat. Enter these delightful berries stuffed with low [...]

Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate & Cherry Cookies

Sweet toasted coconut, rich dark chocolate and tart cherries come together for one fabulous cookie.  My Toasted Coconut Cookies are nothing short of awesome. I know, the title for this one is a mouth full.  I grappled with calling them simply Toasted Coconut Cookies or Coconut Dark Chocolate cookies, but I just couldn't stop myself [...]

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