Fresh berries shine in my Summer Kale Salad recipe!

Summer Kale Salad recipe with berries

Hi everyone,

I can honestly say that I crave kale.  I’m not sure why or how but I really enjoy eating it!  If I’ve eaten poorly on vacation for a few days or over the weekend all I want is a kale salad to balance it all out.  I know it can’t solve my problems, but something about it feels like it can.  SUPER KALE to the rescue.

It is such a food nutritional powerhouse that my body must be sending my brain messages that it NEEDS it.

I’ve got my favorite kale salads around town, but I’ll often just throw together something at home.  In the summer it is usually packed with berries too.  This is one of my favs… my Summer Kale Salad recipe.

Summer Kale Salad recipe-35-2-2

It’s the kind of salad you really need to make in the summer because of all the fresh berries.  Sure you can get all of these almost year-round… but has anyone ever tried the strawberries that come out in November – December?  It’s not pretty.

Yup… this is a Summer Kale Salad recipe all the way.

Summer Kale Salad recipe-47-4-2

The fresh berry combination really pops!  I kind of just want to pick one up off this picture here.

Summer Kale Salad recipe-36-3-2

In addition to the berries, I add some Marcona almonds and dried cranberries.  They give the salad a little bit of crunch and chew.

The dressing is a simple white balsamic dressing.  I love picking out high quality balsamic and olive oil from local boutiques.  If you get the good stuff you might never buy bottled salad dressing again.

As always, I like to massage the dressing into the kale a bit!  You can also use lacinato kale which is less chewy… but I honestly love the curly kale texture.  Plus it’s so pretty!

Summer Kale Salad recipe-53-5-2

I hope you enjoy this delightful combination as much as I do!

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