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I’m not even going to announce here how many days are left until the big day… but we all know it’s close!  Very close!  Are you traveling?  Staying home?  Super busy?

I know whatever you are doing time is hard to come by right now.  It might even feel like you don’t have any time at all.  BUT, let’s collectively all make time to eat more good foods than bad and keep a good attitude about our workouts in the days leading up to the holiday weekend.  My workout is the one time of day I’m disconnected and able to actually clear my head.  That’s why I think it’s even more important to put the time in when life gets crazy.

To help us all with those goals, I created a festive workout for the Christmas week.  It’s pretty intense and heavy on the cardio, so you get the most out of your limited time.

The fun part comes when you sing Holly Jolly Christmas each time you get to the jumping jacks.  It’s hard not to get in the Christmas spirit that way and I can only imagine you might actually be laughing by the end.  If you don’t know all the words to Holly Jolly Christmas pick another carol you know.


Repeat or even do the circuit three times if time allows.  Finish with regular, side and reverse planks.  Hold them one minute or more depending on your fitness level.  Bonus points if you can get someone to do this with you AND sing along.

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Thanks for joining me today!  Come back tomorrow for my Christmas wishes!!!

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Your turn!

How is your holiday season going?

Do you need any help getting in the Christmas spirit?

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