Hi everyone!

What a beautiful weekend.  I’m going to skip around a bit and share some of the highlights of my Easter weekend fun.

The festivities started Friday morning with a quick trip to the Biltmore to see catch the tulips because some rain and storm hit this upcoming week.

I had seem them very early on in season, but hadn’t seen the peak so far.

I can normally zip in and out of there pretty quickly, but I didn’t anticipate the Good Friday crowds… so my morning activity lasted a little longer than I expected.  It was worth the effort though and they didn’t disappoint!

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday when I took a day trip to my SIL Megan’s house near Columbia.  Her, her husband Justin and my nephew Owen recently moved to a house on Lake Murray.  The Hubs parents were visiting her from Pittsburgh.

Sadly, the Hubs couldn’t make the trip because of tax season, but it had been way too long since I’d seen everyone, so I decided to make the trip by myself.

Plus I had two new family puppies to meet!  Megan and Justin now have Wally.  He’s so sweet and calm (unlike Makena!)  He’s only 5 months old and already 50 pounds!

And the Hubs Mom just got Moose!  He’s still super young, but should also be a wonderful dog.  It was full on puppy mania.

We spent a lot of time just relaxing with their gorgeous view!  It felt like summer down the mountains with temperatures already in the 80’s and all the trees were already green!

I also got to hang out with my sweet nephew Owen, which is always a joy.

I even got to paddleboard their small cove.  The water is perfectly smooth and easy to get around.  I was a little nervous because the water was still chilly and I didn’t have a suit, but I gave it a shot and didn’t fall in.

If I lived here, I’d do this everyday!

Megan and I took turns and gave Owen a ride.

I stayed past dinner and drove back to Asheville late.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church.

After church the Hubs and I went to Biscuit Head for a Easter brunch.  I got the Asheville Benedict with charred scallion cream cheese, tomato, poached eggs, roasted red pepper and kale salad.  It was incredible.

I love Easter weekend for everything that it stands for and the joy surrounding it!  Mine certainly lived up to those joyful expectations.  I hope yours did too.

Have a blessed Monday everyone.

Thank you for coming by today.  Come back tomorrow for a new video showing the best way to store fresh herbs in the fridge.  It’s a healthy hack that will keep them alive for weeks!

Your turn!

How was your weekend?


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