Spring 5K Running Playlist

The weather has turned just about perfect for spring racing season in the mountains.  I ran the Conquer a Cove 5K Sunday (Race report coming up later this week- I had an AWESOME time!) and I have a few more races planned in the hext few weeks.  I updated my running playlist with some new [...]

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My Favorite Country Running List

Running is important to me for so many reasons.  It makes me feel strong, fit and powerful.  It is my ideal stress relief and it can literally take my mind to a happy place.  I enjoy the personal competition with myself to improve and the mental and physical challenges I face.  I love watching the [...]

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Your Favorite Boy Band Playlist!

OMG! Did you hear? New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees are going on tour this summer.  Yup.  Three of the biggest names in boy band history are teaming up for an epic revival of some of the best and worst music of the 90’s! I secretly sort of want [...]

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Keep Those Resolutions Playlist!

Did you make any fitness New Year’s Resolutions?  It’s almost two weeks into 2013 and according to statistics a lot of people have already forgotten about those twilight hour promises.  I think we all can relate to how easy it can be to push them aside. Rocky teaches us to never give up though…. Don’t [...]

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Holiday Running Playlist

I’ve finally taken the plunge into the holiday season.  We decorated our tree this past weekend and our schedule is starting to fill up with different Christmas parties.  I even started my holiday shopping. Aw man, buying a dress for myself doesn’t count? But I really needed it  for that party we got invited to… [...]

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Girl Power Running Playlist

I may still use a paper planner, but I love my iPod.  It keeps me entertained and moving when I run!  The ipod was a gift to myself after I ran my first 5K several years ago and it’s been my favorite running toy ever since. Over the years, I’ve loaded playlists to suit my [...]

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