Marathon Training

//Marathon Training

Chicago Marathon– It’s On! {Expo & Touring Chicago}

Hello from windy & cold Chicago! We've had a fun couple of days getting ready for the big event tomorrow. We arrived Friday morning before sunrise.  The early direct flight from the Asheville airport is awesome and makes this such a quick trip.  I highly recommend it.              Well, hello tall buildings! After we landed in Chicago, [...]

Marathon Monday! Advice and Tips from Marathoners – Part 4

After a nice relaxing weekend, It’s time to focus on the big weekend race.  Look what I got! These people say I signed up to run 26.2 miles on Sunday. That’s nuts. Did I really do that? The dogs are thrilled, but they haven’t figured out that they aren’t going yet. Hey Mom, I know [...]

Pinehurst Trip– Marathon Worries

My husband is on a board for everything.  He’s on the Mission Hospital board, ones at the local universities, ones for the professional organizations he’s involved in.  I am so proud of his involvement in the community. One of the boards he serves on is on a state level and meets twice a year at [...]

Marathon Monday! Advice and Tips from Marathoners- Part 3

It’s under two weeks until the Chicago Marathon and I’m resting.  Turns out my sore hips were actually a strained gluteal muscle.  Yes, a strained butt.  The doctor said it’s a minor problem and I’ll be fine for the race.  I just need to make sure I don’t make it worse and give it some [...]

Marathon Monday! Advice and Stories from Marathoners – Part 2

Marathon madness is in full swing at our house!  I spent most of the weekend preparing for and running the BIG 20 mile run that was on the schedule.  Here is a hint on how it went… I’ll have a full write up on the 20 mile run later this week, but today we have [...]

Marathon Monday! Advice and Stories From Marathoners- Part 1

The Chicago Marathon is less than a month away!  I ran 13 miles this past weekend and have 20 to run this weekend.  With all this training, I literally have marathon on the brain.  At this point, I’m not eating-- I’m “fueling.”  I’m not drinking water-- I’m “hydrating.”  And I don’t consider sitting down being [...]

Training Plan for Chicago Marathon 2012

Are you a planner? Do you use computer spreadsheets like my husband?                                                                                      The Ipad can do everything! Or do you still live in the “dark ages” like me and use paper lists? I can’t seem to get away from the paper.  Yes, I finally caved and got an iPhone and a Nook, but when it [...]