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5 Reasons Why You Should Run a Spring Marathon

So… no… I’m not actually running or announcing that I am running a second marathon this spring.  I’ll most likely be doing some shorter races again, but I wrote this article for RunHaven because I believe there are lots of good reasons do to a big spring race. I actually ran the Chicago Marathon in [...]

Yes, That Was Me with Cowbell at the Asheville City Marathon

As the hubs and I were leaving the house Saturday morning to cheer on our good friend Dan, who was running the Asheville Marathon, I remembered I had kept all of my Chicago Marathon goodies in the basement.  Within a few minutes I had signs, cowbells and noise makers.  Holla!Suddenly spectating a marathon got a [...]

Chicago Marathon 2012 Race Recap

It’s just a couple of days after the Chicago Marathon and it almost doesn’t seem real.  I’ve probably said a dozen times already… I can’t believe it’s over!  My stiff legs, unpacked luggage, and super cool medal are good reminders of the amazing adventure though.   It’s a day I will never forget! It all starts [...]

Chicago Marathon – I did it!

Today I ran the Chicago Marathon and became a "Marathoner."  The day has been one giant blur of crazy emotions from fear, elation, pure joy and just a little disappointment.  I laughed and cried and did something I once thought was impossible.  It was worth every step... even the super painful ones near the end. [...]