Vegetarian Quinoa Italian Stuffed Peppers–Crock Pot Challenge #2

*This is the second in a series of ten Crock Pot Recipes I am trying between now and the end of February as part of the Peanut Butter Fingers Blog “Crock Pot Challenge”*Rhett is loving all the cooking I’ve been doing.  Lucky for him, I’m a clumsy cook and drop all sorts of goodies.  Lucky [...]

Crockpot Challenge & Rain

So before we get to business, my precious pups have something to say about the weather this week… What do you mean I can’t go play outside again!       You are breaking my heart! You try going to the bathroom outside in the rain with 6 inch legs… I’m soaking wet now!  What do you [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

It’s finally starting to look a little like Christmas in our house.  This weekend we cranked up the Christmas tunes, poured some peppermint mocha creamer in our coffee, and pulled the Christmas decorations out of the attic.  With everything that has happened this past month with the loss of my Mom, it felt a little [...]

Marathon Monday! Advice and Tips from Marathoners – Part 4

After a nice relaxing weekend, It’s time to focus on the big weekend race.  Look what I got! These people say I signed up to run 26.2 miles on Sunday. That’s nuts. Did I really do that? The dogs are thrilled, but they haven’t figured out that they aren’t going yet. Hey Mom, I know [...]

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I can’t believe it’s here already?  Seriously, where does the time go? Labor day is about much more than just a three day weekend.  It officially honors the achievements and struggles of American workers.  But to most of us, it marks the unofficial end of summer, a chance to spend time [...]

Positive Thinking

I believe in the power of positive thinking.  I know it sounds cliché… but it’s something I try to live by.  I try to focus on good things and what I actually have control over.  I’m not saying everything is always sunshine and roses, sometimes life gets the best of me just like everyone else.  [...]

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