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Dine to Be Kind 2014

I had such a great time Tuesday during the 11th annual Dine to be Kind Asheville fundraiser.  Dine to be Kind Ashevile  is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for Asheville Humane Society (formerly the Animal Compassion Network.) Over 50 Local restaurants agree to give 15% of their proceeds to AHS and in [...]

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Meeting Logan

Happy Monday Friends!As most of you probably know my full time job is the morning news meteorologist in Asheville, NC.  This blog is a personal project for me, so I don’t talk a whole lot about work on this forum.  But something so amazing recently happened to me at work, that goes beyond the realm [...]

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Running for a Cause

My Experience With SoleMates Right now I’m still perfecting the art of the running comeback, but this time last year I was nearing the end of marathon training for the Chicago Marathon.  I was running double digit mile runs every weekend.  Cool huh?  I really enjoyed the process of training to run such a long distance [...]

Blogger Day of Silence for Sandy Hook

Kids are so precious and magical.  For someone to go on a rage and shoot anyone is unbelievable.  But to target sweet, young, innocent children?  What happened in Connecticut is beyond explanation.  Words can’t seem to express the true shock and horror I have been feeling since early Friday afternoon when news of this tragedy [...]

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Girls on the Run 5K

Buried in the huge stack of flyers and catalogs that come in the mail daily, I actually got something pretty cool the other day.  A “thank you” box for running the Chicago Marathon as a SoleMate.  The box had a very thoughtful note, a super cute Girls on the Run visor and a warm fleece blanket.                           [...]

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Chicago Marathon 2012 Race Recap

It’s just a couple of days after the Chicago Marathon and it almost doesn’t seem real.  I’ve probably said a dozen times already… I can’t believe it’s over!  My stiff legs, unpacked luggage, and super cool medal are good reminders of the amazing adventure though.   It’s a day I will never forget! It all starts [...]

Chicago Marathon – I did it!

Today I ran the Chicago Marathon and became a "Marathoner."  The day has been one giant blur of crazy emotions from fear, elation, pure joy and just a little disappointment.  I laughed and cried and did something I once thought was impossible.  It was worth every step... even the super painful ones near the end. [...]

Chicago Marathon– It’s On! {Expo & Touring Chicago}

Hello from windy & cold Chicago! We've had a fun couple of days getting ready for the big event tomorrow. We arrived Friday morning before sunrise.  The early direct flight from the Asheville airport is awesome and makes this such a quick trip.  I highly recommend it.              Well, hello tall buildings! After we landed in Chicago, [...]

SoleMates – Help me Raise Money for Girls on the Run!

Here is my donation page.  Make donations here! I believe in teaching girls self confidence. I believe that girls need to know they are each awesome in their own way. I believe teaching girls to be strong means that one day when they are women they will have the strength to do something [...]