My Grandmother’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are legendary.

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Ask anyone in my family what they want when they go to Dayton to visit Grandma and they’ll tell you… her famous chocolate chip cookies!


These are simply Wunderful.  I promise.

When I was younger, My Grandmother would mail these cookies to Florida on special occasions.  My Brother and I used to divide them and ration them out to last as long as possible.  We knew these cookies were special.  They are the kind of treat that you can taste the love baked into them.


It seems like every family has a recipe that must be handed down to younger generations.  This is the recipe for the Wunder clan.

This past December I went to Dayton to visit my Grandparents and while I was there I asked my Grandmother to show me step by step how she makes her famous cookies.


I was determined to learn all of her tricks.  I wanted mine to turn out  as close to hers as possible.


She was happy to pass down her secrets and first showed me how to cream the butter.


And how she uses half light and half dark brown sugar in her baking.


She also showed me how she sifts the baking powder into the flour.


AND to use a mini ice cream scoop to keep the cookies the same size so they will cook uniformly.


I copied her recipe on my own card and made notes on how she put everything together.  I knew I couldn’t make them taste exactly like Grandma’s, but I might be able to get pretty close.

Jumping ahead to last week where I finally have a good reason to make my own batch of cookies, my nephew’s birth!  I decide to make some to take to my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law in Columbia.


I get out my super fancy and cool mixer from my Dad.  I feel like a real baker with this thing!


I follow all of her instructions and I even sift my flour and baking soda.


I carefully blend the sugar and butter.


Then I add the eggs and vanilla.


And the secret ingredient… OATMEAL!


Grandma says to add the oatmeal before the flour so it can soften and absorb some of the liquid.


I slowly add the flour and chocolate chips.


And VOILA! Cookie dough!


Lucky for me, I magically got one of these mini ice cream scoopers in my stocking this year.  Santa must have known about my cookie mission.  Santa is cool like that.


I use the scooper to fill 3 pans with cookies, 3 times!




I bake them according to her directions, switching the shelves the cookies are on halfway through.


I am so excited and nervous to taste them, because I want them so badly to taste like Grandma’s.


And you know what?  They did!


I know I’ll never be able to make them EXACTLY like Grandma… but these are pretty darn close.


I hope you will try these yourself and enjoy them as much as my family does!

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