Makena Rose’s First Snow

Taking time to enjoy the little things...
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Hello October… Weekend Photo Dump

Early fall weekend fun!
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Introducing Makena Rose

We are now a family of four!
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Making Healthy Choices for Rhett {Giveaway}

Healthy choices for my favorite dog!
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About That Time I Took Rhett Trick or Treating…

Dog treats can be healthy too!
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In Loving Memory of Reina

It’s been a bad week.

I purposefully like to keep the tone of Running in a Skirt positive and upbeat, but today I have something sad to tell you guys.

We lost Reina on Monday.  She got sick late Sunday with heart problems and she died early Monday afternoon.

It had nothing to do with her recent health […]

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Living to See Beauty

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m actually publishing this post from Charlotte this morning.  I’m staying at my brother’s house after a weekend of travel and blog conferences.  The amazing team from Blogging Concentrated was in Raleigh and Charlotte this weekend so I decided to take a little state tour to hear both of their presentations.  I picked […]

Healthy Snacks

The new year is the ideal time to carefully look at your eating habits and get back on track after the holiday season. Finding healthy snacks is the perfect way to stay full and keep from over eating.

Happy Wednesday friends!

I still haven’t caught up on all the household stuff and I yes, I still have […]

The Best Dogs for Running

The best dogs for running may surprise you!  This list has some of the fastest pups on the pavement.

I wish I had a dog to run with.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these two looney toons dogs, but they are not built for running with me.

Rhett has three inch legs.  In his younger days […]

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All Things Christmas Weekend

Hi friends!  Happy Monday! 10 days until Christmas. Can you believe it?  How was your weekend?

I did all things Christmas this past weekend and am now feeling really festive and just a little tired.  I just need to get a little more shopping done and then I’ll be ready for the big day.
Work Christmas Party
The hubs […]

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