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The Ultimate Running Roundup

Good morning, friends! In honor of my favorite pastime AND Global Running Day I present to you ... drum roll please.... The Ultimate Running Roundup! While I don't talk about running as much as I used to on this blog, it is still one of the great loves of my life.  Unless I'm injured or having health issues, I [...]

Progressive 3 Mile Treadmill Workout

When weather keeps you from the road and trails,  treadmill running workouts are the way to go.  My 3 mile Progressive Treadmill Running Workouts will keep your legs engaged and burn more calories than running the same distance at an even speed. Happy Wednesday dear readers! As you guys know, I run a fair amount [...]

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5 Ways To Make Treadmill Running Easier

Treadmill running can be a bore, but follow my treadmill running tips to make those mile fly by fast!  Here are my 5 Ways to Make Treadmill Running Easier I have two confessions to make… First… I have been running on the treadmill a lot lately.  Between being out of town almost every weekend, holiday [...]